Capstone Forex Deposits and withdrawals


Capstone offers 3 funding methods in 10 different base currencies:

AUD – Australian Dollar
USD – United States Dollar
EUR – Euro
CAD – Canadian Dollar
GBP – British Pound (Sterling)
SGD – Singapore Dollars
NZD – New Zealand Dollars
JPY – Japanese Yen
HKD – Hong Kong Dollar
CHF – Swiss Franc

Wire transfer

  • 10 currencies accepted
  • Processing time: 3-5 working days
  • Bank fees charged

China Union Pay

  • Only RMB accepted
  • Processing time: 0.5-1 hour
  • No extra fees

Visa/master card

  • 10 currencies accepted
  • Processing time: Instant
  • No extra fees


  • 10 currencies accepted
  • Processing time: Instant
  • No extra fees


  • Capstone manages to process all withdrawals the very day that we receive the requests and ensure that all withdrawals could be received within 1-2 working days.
  • For wire transfers, approximately USD30 are charged by our banking institutions, and deducted from the amount of your withdrawals.It takes 2-3 working days for you to receive your funds.
  • For CUP, no fees are charged and the amount of your withdrawals will be settled into RMB for you to receive according to its up-to-date onshore pricing of commercial banks in China.
  • For Credit cards, funds will be returned if initially deposited with Capstone by a credit card within 60 days and they will be processed to the same card.


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Please be advised that:

Capstone does not charged any additional fees for deposits or withdrawals. Fees may be incurred on payment to and from international banking institutions. Capstone assumes no responsibility for these fees.

Client funds deposited with Capstone are held in segregated accounts opened with top tier-1 banks. Capstone itself can not be allowed to use the funds in the accounts for any business purposes. Electronic payments are processed using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology and are encrypted to ensure security. All payment information is confidential and used only for the purpose of funding your trading account with Capstone.

Capstone does not accepted funds from the third parties. Please make sure that any funds sent to us are from the same name on your bank account. Funds from joint bank account/credit cards are accepted only when the trading account holder is one of the parties on the bank account/credit card.

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Deposit and Withdrawal FAQ

1.What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit is $50 for all account types.

2.How do I deposit into my account?

Please log in to My Capstone,Then click the "Account Management" button located on the left side of the interface.
Step 1: Account Overview-Click "Sign In".
Step 2: Then click "Funds-Deposit" in the left navigation.
Step 3: Indicate the amount you want to deposit into your account.
Step 4: Finally, fill in the personal information and withdrawal amount according to the form.

3.How to withdrawals?

Please log in to My Capstone
Step 1: Supplement the information of the withdrawal bank: personal information-bank information.
Step 2: Click "Fund Management-Apply for Withdrawal" on the left side of my Kaishi backstage to fill in the corresponding information and click Submit.
Step 3: Finally, you can go to "Fund Management-Fund Flow" to view the details.

4.Why was my Credit/Debit deposit unsucsessful?

If your Credit/Debit Card deposit was unsuccessful, please try depositing again, while checking if:
You have entered your card details correctly.
You’re using a valid (not expired) card.
You have sufficient funds on your card.
If all of the above is fine, but your card deposit is still unsuccessful, it may mean that your issuing bank does not authorise your card to make the deposit. In that case, please use another card or any other payment method available in your trading account.

5.Can I withdraw funds to a different bank card?

As a general rule, we only process withdrawals back to the payment method you originally used for depositing.
For Credit Cards ONLY:
– If you use a Credit/Debit Card to deposit, we will always send the same total amount of withdrawals equal to your total deposits back to your card. Any remaining withdrawal amount which is above the deposited amount, will be processed to the payment method of your choice.
Example: If you deposited $200 by Credit/Debit Card, earned a profit of $2,000 and requested a withdrawal of $2,000, you will get $200 back to your card and the remaining $1800 to the payment method of your choice.
Alternative Payment Methods:
– If you use a Credit/Debit Card and another method (e.g.: AsiaPay) to deposit, your withdrawal will first be processed back to your card and any remaining withdrawal amount will be sent back to the other method used (e.g.: AsiaPay).
Example: If you deposited $200 by AsiaPay and $10 by Credit/Debit Card, and requested a withdrawal of $180, you will get $100 back to your card and $80 to your AsiaPay.

6.Does Capstone charge transfer fees?

We do NOT charge you any transfer fees for using our deposit and withdrawal methods, but intermediary banks may do so, which is beyond our control.